Welcome to European Committee for Conservation of Bryophytes

European Committee for Conservation of Bryophytes (ECCB) is the only multi-national organisation for conservation of bryophytes in Europe. We work for a better understanding of bryophytes and our vision is that bryophytes will be part of the public consciousness and that they and their habitats will be enjoyed and appreciated by all future generations.

9th ECCB Conference, Budva (Bečići), Montenegro

26-30. April, 2016

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What are bryophytes?

The bryophytes are the second largest group of land plants in Europe.


What is ECCB?

ECCB was established at the first conference on Bryophyte Conservation in Uppsala 1990. ECCB is composed of a network of bryologists Europe-wide, with members from universities, museums, conservation agencies and private individuals in partnership.

What is Red List?

A Red List is essentially a tool to determine which species are most threatened. According to the IUCN, the goals of the IUCN Red List are to:

  • Identify and document those species most in need of conservation attention if global extinction rates are to be reduced; and
  • Provide a global index of the state of change of biodiversity

Current projects

New IUCN–ECCB Red List project

The ECCB is currently working on a new Red List for Europe, in a three-year project in close collaboration with the IUCN, using EU LIFE funding.