Presentations of 8th ECCB Conference, Budapest, Hungary

9th Conference of European Committee for Conservation of Bryophytes
Budapest, Hungary, 18-21 April 2012
Bryophyte Conservation – Follow up on the 2010 Biodiversity Target

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During the conference  wide range of interesting studies about bryophytes and bryophyte conservation were presented. There were 22 oral presentations and 31 posters. Some of  conference presentations were published in Studia botanica Hungarica


Oral presentations

Albertos, B., Garilleti, R.  The Spanish Red Book of Bryophytes (ABrA): methodological background

Alegro, A., Segota, V.,  Szurdoki, E. Sphagnum in Croatia – what is new after 84 years?

Bisang, I.,  Do hornworts in Switzerland benefit from environmentally-friendly arable farming

Campbell, C., Smyth, N., Kelly, D. Conservation of selected Red Listed and legally protected species in Ireland

Drehwald, U. The hornworts Notothylas orbicularis and Anthoceros neesii (Anthocerotopsida) in Hessen (Germany)

Fontinha, S., Sim-Sim, M., Lobo, C., Luís,L. The bryophytes of coastal areas of Madeira – field guide to some species

Goia, I., Gafta D.  Bryophyte occurrence patterns on dead wood in montane forests

Hassel, K., de Jong, K.,  Stenøien, H.K. How does physiological status impact cryopreservation success of bryophytes from two contrasting habitats?

Hodd, R., Bourke, D., Sheehy Skeffington, M. The ecology and potential climate change response of a rare and threatened montane oceanic bryophyte community

Hodgetts, N.G. Towards a new bryophyte red List for Europe

Ingerpuu, N., Vellak, K. The state of bryophyte conservation in Estonia

Kaufmann, S., Berg, C. Nature conservation relevance of Bryophytes in Troodos National Forest Park, Cyprus

Konstantinova, N. Hepatics in regional Red Data Books of European part of Russia

Lönnell, N., Hylander, K., Jonsson, B.G., Sundberg, S. Experiments on  realized dispersal  of Discelium nudum

Ódor, P.,  Király, I.,  Márialigeti, S. Effect of stand structure on the diversity of epiphytic and ground-floor bryophytes assemblages in Hungarian mixed forests

Papp, B.  Towards a Balkan Red List   

Papp, B., Erzberger, P.,  Ódor, P.,  Hock, Zs.,  Szövényi, P.,  Szurdoki, E.,  Tóth, Z. Red list of Hungarian bryophytes

Ramsay, M.M., Rowntree, J.K., Smith, P.P., Syvia Pressel, S., Long, D.G. Bryophyte Ex situ Conservation at the  Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew: Past, Present and Future.

Sim-Sim, M., Luís, L., Lobo, C., Fontinha, S.,  Ruas, S., Sérgio, C. Towards an Atlas of the threatened bryophytes of Madeira Archipelago

Smyth, N., Campbell, C., Douglas, G.C., Jebb, M.  The role of botanic gardens in ex situ conservation of rare bryophytes, experiences from Ireland. 

Söderström, L. Early Land Plants Today - a resource for liverworts and hornworts

Uyar, G., Ören, M., Yasin, H.  An Annotated and Updated Checklist of the Mosses of Turkey with Data on Their Distribution 



Berg, C., Linke, C., Wiehle, W.,  Vulnerability of bryophytes in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, northeastern Germany

Bergamini, A., Hofmann, H., Meier, M., Schnyder, N., Müller, N., Urmi, E.  Bryofloristic changes in the last 150 years: On the use of herbarium data

Cogoni, A., Campisi, P., Aleffi M.,  Carratello, A., Colacino, C.,  Dia, M.G.,  Miserere, L., Privitera, M.,  Puglisi, M.,  Sguazzin, F., Tacchi, R.  A project for an Italian Red List of bryophytes

Dragicevic, S., Veljic, M.   Some rare and interesting bryophytes from Montenegro

Erzberger, P.  Project plan: Bryophyte mapping of Hungary

Garcia, C., Sérgio, C., Sim-Sim, M.  Evaluation of the influence of climate change in the distribution patterns of some bryophyte species in Portugal.

Hespanhol, H., Vieira, C., Marques, J.  Towards a common methodology for efficient bryophyte and lichen monitoring at species and community level in Portugal

Holá, E., Těšitel, J., Kučera, J.  The comparison of gemma production among the rare hepatic Lophozia ascendens and the common L. ventricosa and L. longiflora 

Jukonienė, I.  Characteristics of the red-listed bryophytes of Lithuania

Kiebacher, T., Bürgi, M., Scheidegger, C., Bergamini, A.  Bryophyte diversity of sycamore pastures in the Northern Alps with a special emphasis on Tayloria rudolphiana

Kirmaci, M.  Turkish Sphana

Konstantinova, N., Savchenko, A., Vilnet, A.  Should endemic hepatics of Caucasus be included in the new Red Data Book of Europe?

Lockhart, N., Hodgetts, N.G., Holyoak, D.  Rare and threatened bryophytes of Ireland

Manukjanová, A., Štechová, T.  Desiccation tolerance of fen bryophytes

Marka, J., Papp, B., Erzberger, P., Colacino, C, Sabovljevic, M.  Towards a Red List of the Albanian bryophytes – the need for extensive exploration, conservation strategies and actions.

Mitra, S., Poddar-Sarkar, M.,  Diversity and Lipidome of Mosses of Eastern Himalaya

Novozámská, E., Holá, E.  Buxbaumia viridis – an endangered species in the Czech Republic?

Papp, B.  The Hungarian Biodiversity Research Society and some bryological results of the Biodiveristy Days in 2011

Pénzes Kónya, E.  Case study  of vegetative regeneration: a perspective way for ex situ conservation of bryophytes

Reriha, I., Rove, I.  Maintenance of favourable conservation status of bryophytes in forests of Latvia Within lands managed by the Latvia’s State Fore

Sabovljevic, M., Puche, F., Sabovljevic, A., Segarra-Moragues, J.G.,  Vujicic, M.  In vitro establishment, propagation and conservation of the rare and endangered European endemic moss Goniomitrium seroi

Sabovljevic, M., Rowntree, J., Sabovljevic, A., Ramsay, M., Pressel S., Papp B.,  Campbell C.,  Smyth N., Segarra-Moragues, J.G.  Ex situ conservation of European bryophytes: state, problems and progress

Sabovljevic, M., Segarra-Moragues, J.G., Sabovljevic, A., Puche, F.  In vitro propagation and conservation of the European endangered liverwort Riella helicophylla

Schnyder, N., Hofmann, H., Müller, N.  Monitoring of endangered bryophyte species in Switzerland

Segota, V., Alegro, A., Sapic, I., Vukelic, J., Papp, B.  Distribution of Buxbaumia viridis (Moug. ex Lam.. & DC.) Brid. ex Moug. & Nestl. in Croatia

Sérgio, C., Garcia, C., Figueira, R.,  Vieira ,C., Hespanhol, H., Stow, S., Sim-Sim, M.  Threatened status of Portugueses bryophytes and assessment of important areas for bryophyte conservation 

Stefanut, S.  The most threatened liverworts in Romania  

Szurdoki, E., Márton, O., Szövényi, P.  Genetic and morphological diversity of closely related Sphagnum angustifolium, S. fallax and S. flexuosum

Szűcs, P.  The neophytic Orthodontium lineare Schwägr. in Hungary

Vieira, C., Hespanhol, H., Gonçalves, J.  Does expert knowledge valuation match the reality of threatened species and diversity hotspots in mountain landscapes?

Vujicic, M., Papp, B., Sabovljevic, A., Szurdoki E.,  Sabovljevic, M.  In vitro establishment, propagation and conservation of the rare and endangered moss halophyte Hennediella heimii