Presentations of 9th ECCB Conference, Bečići, Montenegro

9th Conference of European Committee for Conservation of Bryophytes
26-29. April 2016. Bečići, Montenegro
Towards the New European Red List of Bryophytes


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Oral presentations

Alegro, A. and Šegota, V.: Data quality regarding bryophyte species in Croatia proposed for Candidate List for Red Book of European Bryophytes.  presentation

Berg, C.: How useful are phytogeographical indicator values for European bryophytes?  presentation

Caspari, S., Sauer, M., Schmidt, C. and Ludwig, G.: The new red list of bryophytes of Germany (2016) and remarks to methods used in comparison to the IUCN criteria. presentation

Dragićević, S. and Veljić, M.: Sphaerocarpos texanus Aust., growing or not in Montenegro? presentation

Hodgetts, N.G.: A new bryophyte red list for europe – a co-operative project with IUCN.

Hallingback, T.: Using the IUCN criteria to assess the species threat status. presentation

Ilić, M., Rućando, M., Ćuk, M., Igić, R. and Vukov, D.: Influence of the conifer reforestation on forest floor bryophytes. presentation

Ingerpuu, N. and Vellak, K.: Monitoring methods for threatened bryophytes.

Kaufmann, S.: The importance of Slovakian primeval beech forests in the Western Carpathian mountains for bryophyte diversity in contrast to managed forests. presentation

Kiebacher, T., Keller, C., Scheidegger, C. and Bergamini, A.: Ignored crown jewels: the role of tree crowns in bryophyte and lichen species richness in sycamore maple wooded meadows. presentation

Kirmaci, M. and Özenoglu Kiremit, H.: The Genus Riccia (Hepaticophyta) in Turkey. presentation

Maslovsky, O.: Rare and threaneted bryophytes of Bealas and Eastern Europe, as a candidates for new european red book. presentation

Papp, B., Erzberger, P. and Dragićević, S.: Exploration of the bryophyte flora of Montenegro in the last decade with a special attention to the species of conservation interest. presentation

Sabovljević, M., Papp, B., Vujičić, M., Szurdoki, E., Nikolić, N. and Sabovljević, A: Ex situ conservation of bryophytes: rare species biology knowledge and biotechnological skill break through. presentation

Söderström, L., Séneca, A., Forrest, L., Long, D. and Hassel, K.: What do we do with cryptic species, conserve or forget?presentation

Vulević, A., Dragićević, S. and Petrović, D.: Contribution to knowledge of the bryophyte flora of the Tepačke forests (Durmitor Mts., Montenegro). presentation


Poster session

Anđić, B., Dragićević, S. and Stešević, D.: Tortula modica R.H. Zander, new bryophyte records from Montenegro.

Cacciatori, C.: The Serra de Sintra as a critical site for conservation of threatened species in continental Portugal.

Cogoni, A., Aleff i, M., Bonini, I., Campisi, P., Carratello, A., Colacino, C., Giovanna Dia, M., Miserere, L., Privitera, M., Puglisi, M., Sguazzin, F. and Tacchi, R.: Project for a Red List and country assessment of Italian Bryophytes.

Goia, I.: Epiphyte communities with Dicranum viride (Sull. & Lesq.) Lind. from Romania.

Jukonienė, I., Subkaitė, M. and Paršonytė, B.: Distribution pattern and habitats of Hamatocaulis vernicosus in Lithuania.

Lockhart, N., Campbell, C., Hodgetts, N.G. and Hodd, R.: Conservation of bryophytes in the Republic of Ireland.

Murru, V., Filippino, G., Marignani,M., Acosta, A.T.R. and Cogoni, A.: Diversity and bryophytic distribution in mediterranean coastal dune systems.

Natcheva, R. and Ganeva, A.: Monitoring of conservation important bryophyte species in Bulgaria.

Pantović, J. and Sabovljević, M.: Towards the bryophyte red list of Serbia.

Poponessi, S., Aleff i, M., Maneli, F., Venanzoni, R. and Gigante, D.: Temporary wet ecosystems: the role of bryophytes in a habitat of priority importance for conservation at european level.

Sabovljević, A., Vujičić, M. and Sabovljević, M: In vitro establishment, propagation and conservation of Calliergon giganteum (Schimp.) Kindb. (Amblystegiaceae).

Samson, T., Vellak, K and Ingerpuu, N.: Monitoring of mosses growing in fens: a case study from Estonia.

Studer, L, Bisang, I., Jacot, K. and Bergamini, A.: Bryophyte diaspore bank in “ecological focus areas” in arable farming in Swiss lowlands.

Valentini, M., Bisang, I., Jacot, K. and Bergamini, A.: Do bryophytes profit from agri-environmental schemes? A comparison of different “ecological focus area” in the Swiss lowlands.


Dragićević, S. (Ed.) 2016: Bryophyte Conservation – Towards the new European Red List of Bryophytes. 9th Conference of European Commitee for Conservation of Bryophytes. Book of Abstracts. - Natural History Museum of Montenegro, Podgorica, 26pp.
ISBN 978-86-908729-6-1