Bryophyte Specialist Group (IUCN SSC)

The Bryophyte Specialist Group [BSG] is one of 130 Specialist Groups of the IUCN Species Survival Commission [SSC] who work for the conservation and long-term survival of all organisms globally. One of the key tools of the SSC are the IUCN Red Lists that assess the risk of extinction of the organisms.


The mission of the IUCN SSC Bryophyte Specialist Group (BSG) is to promote the exploration of bryological diversity across all geographic scales and its long-term conservation.


The BSG has currently 29 members, dedicated bryophyte experts from 19 countries, who represent all continents except Antarctica.

The group is led by the co-chairs Irene Bisang and Jacques van Rooy and the Red List Authority Coordinator Ariel Bergamini. They are supported by their home institutions: Swedish Museum of National History, Sweden; South African National Biodiversity Institute, South Africa; Swiss Federal Research Institute WSL, Switzerland.

E-mail addresses: Irene Bisang - irene.bisang’at’;  Jacques van Rooy - J.vanRooy’at’;  Ariel Bergamini - ariel.bergamini’at’