The Top 10 Initiative of the Bryophyte Specialist Group

Recently, we have launched the so-called ‘Top 10 Initiative’. We want to identify a minimum of 10 species at high risk of extinction from each continent, to properly evaluate these according to IUCN’s Guidelines and Red List Criteria and assign them to an IUCN Red List category.

The first Top 10 list of threatened bryophytes has recently been published for the continent of Africa . Fifty lost or threatened species in Africa and adjacent islands in the tropics served as candidates for the selection of the Top 10 species at high risk of extinction. Each species on this candidate list was discussed at the hand of its taxonomy, distribution, habitat, threat and current global or regional Red List status as far as previously assessed.

Similar efforts are underway for South America. We welcome all bryologists who feel motivated to draw up a Top 10 list for their (sub)continent by identifying the most threatened Bryophytes in their region.

Stay tuned: More information will follow soon – but do not hesitate to contact us already now: Irene Bisang (irene.bisang’at’, Jacques van Rooy (J.vanRooy’at’, Ariel Bergamini (ariel.bergamini’at’