Current projects – IUCN–ECCB European Red List project

The ECCB is currently working on a new Red List for Europe, in a three-year project led by IUCN, supported by EU LIFE funding (LIFE14 PRE BE 001 Establishing a European Red List of Bryophytes, Pteridophytes, Saproxylic Beetles, Terrestrial Molluscs and Vascular Plants). The Associated Beneficiaries are the Ministry of the Environment of the Czech Republic and ArtDatabanken from the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences. See the official project website  for a full list of donors and for further information. The entire European bryophyte flora is being assessed against the IUCN criteria to produce threat categories for all 1816 species. The work will be distributed throughout Europe and draft assessments, produced by a small number of ECCB assessors/co-ordinators, will be discussed at a series of regional workshop meetings over the next two years. The project is being implemented in collaboration with the IUCN Species Survival Commission, with Bryophyte Specialist Group Red List Authority Co-ordinator, Ariel Bergamini, playing a key role in the assessment review process. A final Red List will then be published by IUCN in 2018. Ana Nieto (European Biodiversity Conservation Officer at IUCN) is overall Project Co-ordinator and Nick Hodgetts (ECCB Chair) is Project Advisor.  The flora is being divided on an approximately regional basis. The following list shows this division, with numbers of species and the names of the regional assessors/co-ordinators:​

A spreadsheet listing the allocation of species can be downloaded here. The updated European checklists for liverworts, hornworts and mosses also can be downloaded (February 2016 versions). 


Pictures from training meeting of IUCN-ECCB European Red List project, Paris, France

Ana Nieto, IUCN Project coordinator

  Elvira Baisheva,  Ariel Bergamini,  Patrizia Campisi,  Annalena Cogoni,  Tomas Hallingbäck,  Neil Lockhart,  Marko Sabovjević,  Norbert Schnyder, Manuela Sim-Sim


The regional workshops will be organised from September 2016 into 2017, and it is hoped that many other regional/country contact bryologists will be able to contribute, either by attending or submitting data. The project will be a team effort, and can only work with the co-operation of as many European bryologists as possible. All major contributors will be included as authors of the eventual Red List. The final document, an officially IUCN-sanctioned Red List, will be a powerful tool for all of us, of immense importance in moving bryophyte conservation forward in Europe.


Region  Assessor(s) Number of species Number of likely threatened spps

Likely number of spps to be assessed  at the workshop

Workshop date Workshop location
Macaronesia  Manuela Sim Sim 175 108 212 15-18th December 2016 Lisbon, Portugal
South-West Cecilia Sérgio 166 104
Central Norbert Schnyder & Christian Schröck 239 104 177 24-27th January 2017

Prague, Czech Republic

East Nadya Konstantinova & Elvira Baisheva 201 73
South Patrizia Campisi &  Annalena Cogoni 214 55 110 28 February-3 March 2017 tbc
South-East Marko Sabovjević 235 55
North-West Nick Hodgetts 280 199 199 18-21st April 2017 Dublin, Ireland
North Tomas Hallingbäck 306 204 204 June 2017 (tbc) tbc