Current projects – Preparatory Red List Steps

New Red Data Book of European Bryophytes

The first Red Data Book of European Bryophytes was published in 1995 and was in urgent need of updating. Since its publication there has been an enormous improvement in our knowledge of the bryophytes of Europe, and especially their taxonomy and distribution. Furthermore, the IUCN has refined its criteria and categories and the European Red List needed to be updated to take this into account.

The tasks listed below were completed as part of the preparations towards participation with IUCN for an EU LIFE-funded project (LIFE14 PRE BE 001 Establishing a European Red List of Bryophytes, Pteridophytes, Saproxylic Beetles, Terrestrial Molluscs and Vascular Plants). See more


Looking for Pyramidula tetragona in Gerecse Mts, Hungary, on the 8th ECCB Conference, 2012

Looking for loess mosses at Dunaföldvár, Hungary, on the 8th ECCB Conference, 2012

Dublin Naturalists' Field Club outing to Skerries, Co. Dublin, Ireland, 2010

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Preparatory steps completed (2012–2016)

  • collated and updated existing information for European countries, with reference to data used in the 1995 Red Data Book, including current status of Red Lists and Checklists, publication details (dates, authors, lists, books, on-line), methodologies, current and proposed research;
  • established and maintained a network of bryologists across Europe willing to contribute to a revised European Red Data Book, including names, addresses, contact details, institutions and an indication of ability and availability to participate;
  • identified gaps in the information resource;
  • listed candidate species for the Red Data Book;
  • established methodologies and protocols for data collection, species distribution mapping and threat assessments;
  • provisided access to data through further development of the ECCB website;
  • facilitated the ongoing communication between experts in the field throughout Europe;


Pilot project 2012. - Pilot project to assess the feasibility of revising the European bryophyte Red List (Compiled by N.G. Hodgetts)



This small pilot project was undertaken to assess the feasibility of a new bryophyte Red List for Europe. Key products from this project were this report outlining the need for a new list and describing ways in which it could be taken forward, a list of current European checklists and Red Lists, an assessment of current relevant bryological work across Europe, an updated list of ECCB country contacts, and a draft spreadsheet showing the distribution of European mosses by country (similar to the one done for liverworts and hornworts by Söderström et al. 2007). (pdf)




1st meeting of the ECCB Red List Working Group

Ekenäs, Flen, Sweden, 22nd-23rd March 2013

The aim of this workshop was to update the 2006 list of liverworts, finalise the production of a moss checklist list for Europe, and to shortlist candidate species for IUCN threat assessment. This was achieved by identifying and then excluding those species considered with certainty to be Least Concern. The Working Group consisted of six Regional ccoordinators with Nick Hodgetts also acting as central co-ordinator. The group thanked to the Oscar och Lili Lamm Foundation, Sweden for their generous support in facilitating the workshop.  (See more)


From left to right: Niklas Lönell, Belén Albertos,

Beáta Papp, Thomas Hallingbäck, Nick Hodgetts,

Neil Lockhart, Norbert Schnyder, Nadya Konstantinova



Report 2015. - Checklist and country status of European bryophytes (Compiled by N.G. Hodgetts)


This report describes the background to the project to revise the Red List for bryophytes in Europe. Since the launch of the pilot study at the European Committee for the Conservation of Bryophytes (ECCB) conference in Budapest 2012, steady progress was been made towards updating a checklist of liverworts, hornworts and mosses for all of Europe. With assistance from the network of Regional Coordinators and Country Contacts, the presence of taxa recorded for each country/territory, with local Red List status, is presented in this report.

Please download the 2015 version from here.


NEW paper about Red Data Book of European Bryophytes project

This is a bilingual (Hungarian, English) paper presenting the new Red Data Book of European Bryophytes project of ECCB and its connection to the Hungarian bryophyte conservation. Among the candidate species of the European Bryophyte Red List, 28 liverworts and 98 mosses occur in Hungary. Most of these (except two liverworts and one moss) are also redlisted in the Hungarian national Bryophyte Red List. Examples of some species that occur in Hungary are presented to show which criteria are used to select species for the European candidate list. 

Papp, B., Szurdoki, E., Lockhart, N. and Hodgetts, N. 2014: Készülőben az új Európai Moha Vörös Könyv. - The new Red Data Book of European Bryophytes in preparation - Annales historico-naturales Musei nationalis hungarici 106: 157-168. (pdf)