Welcome to European Committee for Conservation of Bryophytes (ECCB)

European Committee for Conservation of Bryophytes (ECCB) is the only multi-national organisation for conservation of bryophytes in Europe. We work for a better understanding of bryophytes and our vision is that bryophytes will be part of the public consciousness and that they and their habitats will be enjoyed and appreciated by all future generations.

Welcome to the Bryophyte Specialist Group [BSG] of Species Survival Commission (SSC) of IUCN

The IUCN is the oldest and largest environmental organisation of the world. The SSC joins more than 10,000, mainly volunteer, international members who are experts for many different organisms and are organised in 130 Specialist Groups.

The ECCB and the BSG collaborate intensively on the conservation of bryophytes in Europe and globally.


Buxbaumia viridis
© B. Papp

Mannia triandra

© B. Papp

Hamatocaulis vernicosus

© B. Papp

Petalophyllum ralfsii

© D. Hoyoak