What is ECCB?

ECCB was established at the first conference on Bryophyte Conservation in Uppsala 1990. ECCB is composed of a network of bryologists Europe-wide, with members from universities, museums, conservation agencies and private individuals in partnership. It has no funding, but has a loose membership and is run principally by a Board that is re-elected at conferences, which are held every 4 years or so.








The first conference on Bryophyte Conservation in Uppsala 1990



  •  provide a link between bryologists involved in the conservation of bryophytes in different countries,
  • identify the priorities for bryophyte conservation throughout Europe and Macaronesia,
  •  increase publicity about threatened bryophytes,
  • support relevant conservation authorities and those involved in the conservation of the flora and natural resources to take action to conserve bryophytes and encourage the study of bryophytes, particularly in areas which are poorly known.